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This album was born out of the desire to celebrate Asheville’s history. The stories were based largely on stories I heard from my grandparents - catch my grandfather’s cameo in the Beacham’s Curve video! But I also spent lot of time in the NC room at Pack Library. As Asheville grows and progress takes its course, I wanted to preserve the stories of the people who built this town. Check out lyrics below to catch lots of little local references you may have missed. Thanks for listening!



Bountiful valley way up high
Fertile and green land of the sky
Tip of the blue ridge mountain range
Lengthy autumns and lingering springs

Up on the parkway take a drive
Float down the French Broad, take a dive
Maybe enjoy a local brew
All that and Biltmore, too

In Asheville - North Cackalacky
Asheville - North Cackalacky!
Where do the goats do yoga like Bikram?
And zombies walk straight through downtown?

In Asheville - North Cackalacky!
Asheville - North Cackalacky
Come see the leaves change, where chickens are free range
There’s no better place to get down

Come to the Shindig on the Green

You’ll find it listed in The Scene
Right next to Isis Music Music Hall
And of course, LEAF festival

Bang on a drum in Pritchard Park
The jam will go long after dark
And if the dance don’t draw you in
Then maybe the vortex will

In Asheville, North Cackalacky
Thirsty Thursdays- Tourists hit homers

Then drive way to slow through downtown
In Asheville, North Cackalacky
No matter your come from in ASHEVILLE you’re welcome 
Love is in full color here!
Trolly car in the rain
Clingman Ave. was never the same
You in your soggy shoes and broken umbrella
Had me by the second stop

Wringing out til we’re dry
As the river went streaming by
You tossed your hair and smiled
A knowing admission
Then took the seat beside mine

By the time we got to Beacham’s Curve
The shaking wouldn’t stop
Was it the streetcar that was rattling
Or just the strings of my heart?

At the end of the line
For my 6 cents oh what a ride
They turned the seats around to head back down Haywood
And we just stayed cozy inside
“Get hip!”
Ye connoisseurs of hop and vine
”Oh, yeah!”
Ye cravers of spirits fine
”Say what?”
There’s a tunnel under Pack Square,
All a-bustle with a secret affair

”Get hip!”
What happened to your grandpa’s still?
”Oh, yeah!”
The coppers moved down the hill
”Say What?”
That sweet corn, oh what a waste,
What I’d give to have just one little taste

You might be worried
The police will bust up our good time
But where does the tunnel lead, my friend?
Straight to their den of organized crime!

”Get hip!”
The YMI strikes up at 8:00
”Oh, yeah!”
So come and dance the night away
”Y’all come!”
Tom Wolfe and Fitzgerald, too, will come
running for that sweet mountain dew

Legend of Zelda Fitzgerald


Dusky and dreaming
Who can measure what the heart can hold?
Agony complete and glories bold
Each in their time

Plumed by her passions
Lost inside a churning symphony
Madness made of impropriety
Stamped upon her maiden brow

And he the north star, stalwart and bright
Around which the dizzy earth can spin
Bent her without break, kept his heart at stake
Bound her weary mind in revelry and gin

Hung from her loose ends
Elegant consumption in the night
Freedom found aloft a fire so bright
Highland razed down to the ground

Cornelia’s masquerade

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Cleopatra with her entourage
Garish captains with their peaked caps on
Take the bough of the greatest house in the land

Cowboys and probably their horses, too
Will dance the Charleston, with a mountain view
At Cornelia’s Masquerade

The Biltmore baby’s a woman now
She’s quite the lady- oh and how!
With both Vanderbilts on the prowl
How the fellas will come running

The finest gentleman will all be there
With both money and affection to spare
At Cornelia’s Masquerade


In the land of a lingering springtime
A lady’s pining heart is longing for her beau (“catcher!”)
A cavalier of true and noble heart, a gentleman indeed
Who never begs for kisses, or acts with jealousy

So to the mountain, to take in the sunset
Her every charm intent on making him her own
The magic mood is set, the trail is clear,
The autumn night is still
And so, she bares her soul to him, as foolish lovers will

Said Charlotte to her one beau
“Oh won’t you let me love you?
My heart has been waiting all these years
I’m tired of the craving, The nights anticipating
For you just to let me hold you near”

“Sweet Charlotte! just the thrill of you
Would satisfy most men, it’s true
But I cannot give the love you crave
It’s Henry that has got my heart,
And this he cannot share
Sweet Charlotte, your dreams can go nowhere”

Dr. Grove’s Tasteless chill tonic


Gotta get me some of that Chill Tonic
Dr. Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic
Gotta get me some- It cures what ales you
And sure enough makes you feel alright

Just a little nip, (about two tablespoons)
Here and there (twice a day)
Puts a skip in your step (Yip!)
Cures malaria, most anywhere

For the British army: Chill Tonic
When you’re on safari: Chill Tonic
Even for the kids- It cures what ails you,
And sure enough makes you feel alright
A crescent moon, waxing poetic
Fireflies blink their golden hues
Dazzle my eyes like starlight
In the milky twilight
Strolling down Hominy Creek

The air is thick and sweet and fragrant
With honeysuckle in bloom
A distant barn owl crooning
While my heart is swooning
Strolling down Hominy Creek

Memories woven so tightly
In nature’s perfect fray
I’d gladly pay a million dollars
To spend my summer strolling that way

A swelling chorus of cicadas
Their rhythmic pulse in perfect time
Such a sublime expression
Sends me straight to heaven
Strolling down Hominy Creek
Hand tailored suits for men and women
From driving gloves to fancy woolen socks
That fetching silk piece is bespoken for
All that and more at Logan and Moore’s

Draft a dozen times before the cutting
Basted til the inseam fits just right
Dapper by design we’ve got all the stylish fixings
Only at Logan and Moore’s

It won’t be long before innovation comes
knocking down our door
Sears and Roebuck can make it cheaper-
But what price can you put on a community’s livelihood?

In walks the dashing Mr. Cecil
He wants a suit like Edison and Grove
Whose thoughts were as original as what they wore
Made down at at Logan and Moore’s

Helen’s Bridge

Tragedy unleashed upon the mountainside
Terror wrought by night with all asleep
A fire born of negligence did homicide
Left poor Helen in a misery complete

Devastated by the most unthinkable
Loss of her babe in arms
Helen lost her grip upon her sanity
From Zealandia bridge she flung herself at dawn

Still she roams there searching madly
Torn between two worlds
Blinded by her grief
Til she’s released at last

Late at night if you stay silent you can hear her still
Moaning for her child
A woman made a monster for eternity
For committing suicide

Kenilworth Naval Hospital

Darling, when your cup is empty

I will fill it full with love
Lay your heavy heart and all of its burdens
In the gentle the keep of my touch

All you have to be is willing

All you have to do is call
And right away I’ll rush in
Ever at the ready
Next to you through thick and thin

The wounded who return are hardened from the fight

Lock themselves away from love

Wounds heal in time - the heart can follow suit

Grace is waiting for you

With an eye set toward the future
We’ll rebuild our world again
No foreign flames can consume the truth of our conviction

Goodness will out in the end


It’s lonely times for a lady
Lonely times for us all
There’s a war across the ocean
Where all the good men have gone
But I know a place where I can get my arms around one for a night
He’s shipping off tomorrow,
But tonight I’ll treat him right

They say we’ve all got to do our part
To bring the Axis down
Well there’s one part of me in particular
That’s willing to help out
I’ve got so much comfort to give
Something warm to think about
When he’s cold in the trenches
When the German sun goes down

Saturday’s are hoppin at the YMI USO,
Troops come from way down south
To catch the big band show
And at Woodfin Street the dances
Can even go on until dawn
And the JCC they party til whisky is all gone
So don’t stay home twiddling those thumbs
There may be a war on
But the home fires will be burning tonight